Make tasty chocolate truffles

We will kick off the Fresh Truffle Making Workshop by discovering the wonderful world of chocolate! Sample raw cocoa nibs, smooth milk chocolate to luxuriously rich, dark chocolate. Next the piping bags come out, as everyone will learn how to make tasty fresh cream truffles. You will team up with the person next to you to pipe, cut, dip and decorate a variety of chocolate truffles. While waiting for our truffles to set, we bring out the chocolate fondue sets and pair all weird and wonderful things. Everyone will leave with luxurious handmade chocolate treats with serious bragging rights and pure indulgence!

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fresh truffle making workshop

All workshops, parties and pairings
will be available again from September 2021

Sessions lasts approximately 2 hours.
Must be older than 12 years old, unless accompanied by an adult.
From R190 per person