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Owner, Nini Jerman, grew up on a beautiful fruit farm in the Western Cape, South Africa. From December to March, pallets of sun-ripened fruit drying in the hot African sun, could be seen everywhere. When faced with the challenge of shelf life, it was thought “why not try dried fruit and chocolate”. With the help of supportive family Nini imported a panning machine to make chocolate tumbles with fruity centres.

"Now, when I taste our chocolate tumbles with Royal Apricot and Peach centers, I am reminded of balmy December afternoons and barefoot farm life", says Nini reminiscently. The combination of truly magnificent fruit and good quality 60% dark chocolate, prove to be a winner.

The fruity range have now grown to include a ‘no added nonsense’ range with sulphur-free sundried fruit coated in sugar-free, soya- free 80% chocolate.

Winston & Julia produces a range of luxuriously chocolate coated sundried fruit tumbles and confectionery tumbles. Most flavour combinations select themselves – flavours that naturally work well together.

Citrus Confit


Apricot & Peach


Fig & Date




Toffee & Honeycomb


Peanut Crunch


Nutty Nougat


Almond Roca


Our Process

In the panner layers and layers of chocolate are added to the inners. At Winston & Julia, we add enough chocolate to cover the inners, but not so much chocolate that the taste completely overwhelms the inner. Our confectionery products are therefore quite organic looking!

The emphasis is always on using the best quality ingredients and working in small batches to ensure hands-on attention to detail at every step. This includes roasting our own nuts to develop optimal flavours.


Confectionery Products

With great detail, the ingredients are heated to precise temperatures turning it into Nougat, Toffee, Honeycomb and Rocas. We then hand-cut the confections into little blocks before it gets coated in chocolate in our panner.


Tjokfruit Products

Sundried fruit is mixed and minced and made into small balls. Thereafter the balls go into the ‘panner’ where it is coated in chocolate – either 60%, 70% or sugar-free 80% chocolate.

Chocolate Slabs

Chocolate Slabs

Our slabs are entirely hand-made. First we temper the chocolate to re-establish the cocoa butter crystals. This ensures that our chocolate slabs have a glossy sheen and a crisp satisfying snap.

We like to hear from you!

We cater for a wide variety of tastes and preferences – from decadent confectionery coated in chocolate to healthier chocolate options. Please make contact with us and let us know what you think about our chocolate range, or leave a comment, thought or recommendation.